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Here is a link to a list of the first several hundred entries I am in the process of assembling of recordings and books using the partial capo, during the first 20 years from 1982 to 2001. There are some glaring omissions from artists I have not yet gotten hold of, but I believe the listings that are already here are pretty accurate.

Many thousands of players are writing and recording now with partial capos of all sorts, and the numbers of recordings are getting too large to keep track of. Maybe we can build a sign-up form and let artists sign themselves up and input their info. Here are some names you can look up some people who use partial capos in their music (in no particular order...)

Harvey Reid http://www.woodpecker.com

David Wilcox http://www.davidwilcox.com

EmmyLou Harris http://www.emmylouharris.com

Carrie Newcomer http://www.carrienewcomer.com/

Richard Gilewitz http://www.richardgilewitz.com

Michael Gulezian http://www.timbrelinemusic.com

Gabriel Dorman

Pat Kirtley http://www.myspace.com/patkirtley

Peter Mulvey http://www.petermulvey.com/

Willy Porter http://www.willyporter.com/

Tom Richter

Larry Pattis http://www.larrypattis.com

Jay Toups http://www.jaytoups.com

John Hasbrouck http://www.johnhasbrouck.com/

Steve Kaufman http://www.flatpik.com

Jerry Short

Tom Pirozzoli http://www.pirozzoli.com

Cosy Sheridan http://www.cosysheridan.com

Moondi Klein

Chris Proctor http://www.chrisproctor.com

Joyce Andersen http://www.joyscream.com

Cormac McCarthy http://www.cormacmccarthy.net

Stephen Bennett http://www.harpguitar.com

Janis Ian http://www.janisian.com

Randall Williams http://www.whereisrandall.com

John Smith http://johnsmithmusic.com/

Tim Alexander

Don Conoscenti http://www.donconoscenti.com

Jim Infantino http://www.jiminfantino.com

Cindy Craven

Terry Quiett

Christopher Williams

Al Petteway

Gerald Sheppard

Scott Nygaard http://www.scottnygaard.com

Steve Baughman

Adrian Woodland

Leif Erich www.leiferich.com

Dario Fornara http://www.dariofornara.it/

Michael Stadler http://www.michaelstadler.com

Glenn Jones http://www.culdesac.org

Dan Schwartz http://www.danschwartz.net

Marvin Allen http://www.jimdyarband.com

Jürgen Umstadt

LJ Booth http://ljbooth.com/

James Mercik

Jerry Tillett

Charles David Alexander

Lance Allen