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Why A Partial Capo? What Can They Do?


Get a bigger sound with the skills you already have...

Simpler chords for beginners and people with special needs... Playing even the most basic guitar chords is not something people do on their first day, or first week. It takes lots of practice, frustration and sore fingers. With a partial capo you really can play good-sounding songs instantly. With the new Liberty Tuning even kids in kindergarten can play adult sized guitars.
Imitate the sound of open tunings... The open-string droning sound of altered tunings has been a big part of guitar playing for centuries. You can get much of the same sound that tunings give you- without the hassle of re-tuning. Almost any guitarist can benefit from having some more strings ringing out.


Make your guitar sound more like open-tuned instruments like banjo & dulcimer

If you sing with your guitar, you can find a world of fresh new chord voicings...

Very young kids can now play any guitar using Liberty Tuning

Serious guitarists can do amazing new things... Want to create totally new sounds for your guitar? Slap on a partial capo, and a whole new set of possibilities is yours. From fiddle tunes to Bach and blues, it opens doors you did not know were there. Advanced guitar playing is all about "running out of fingers," and a partial capo changes the rules of what is possible. There are over 11 million ways to partially capo a 14-fret guitar in each tuning, so the exploring is not done yet. Look at the math

Songwriters and composers can find new sounds...

Ever get the feeling that all the cool guitar chords have been used in songs already? With a partial capo, you can find a whole new supply of them. it's almost limitless.

Guitar teachers have a powerful new tool ... A partial capo allows a beginner to play chords right away, and it also allows novice players to explore the fingerboard and play up the neck like never before. The chords and scales you find up there are the same ones you'll use the rest of your life. A partial capo allows beginning fingerpickers to move melodies against chords much more easily. The capo can hold a chord while you focus totally on right-hand picking or strumming patterns.


Find new sounds, chords, and chord voicings... There are thousands of new chords no one has ever heard before

Create new, tuning-like effects... The world of partial-capo music is similar to the world of altered tunings, but it has some unique aspects of its own. The basic geometry of your chord shapes and scales is the same as standard tuning, (because you haven't changed the tuning!) but you get a lot of new sounds. And you can use a partial capo in any tuning to take it to another level.