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Big Announcement Coming in 2012

Partial capo pioneer Harvey Reid has made what he considers to be his most important partial capo discovery in 35 years of research. He will unveil his new guitar tuning some time in late 2012, revealing a huge breakthrough in guitar for beginners, young children and people with hand injuries or disabilities. He is hard at work on a series of books, videos, web sites and recordings.

Harvey Reid Nearing Completion of More Capo Voodoo Books

Capos are important, but having one is of little use if you don't know where to put it and where to put your fingers. None of this is obvious, and thousands of guitarists have had various partial capos for decades without finding their hidden uses.

Books 4 and 5 of the Capo Voodoo chord book series, which will be released at the end of summer 2012, continue the all-important unveiling of the"software" and information that makes partial capos musically useful.

Book 4 is called the DADGAD Tuning Partial Capo Chord Book, and it shows 21 ways to use partial capos in DADGAD and 4 in the related CGDGAD tuning. Guitarists think of partial capos as a substitute for a tuning, and usually don't realize the wealth of new music that can be gotten from any tunings with clever uses of capos.

Book 5 is called the Universal Partial Capo Chord Book, and it shows 33 partial capo configurations that cannot be done with the singe-purpose partial capos that have become so commonly used. A Third Hand or Spidercapo is needed to find the music in this book.

Harvey Reid Releases the first 3 Capo Voodoo Books

The first 3 books in Reid's series of Capo Voodoo books are now completed and available.

Capo Voodoo:Book 1 is a chord book and instruction manual for the popular 3-string Esus capo, that shows 24 ways to use them on guitar, with over 1200 hand-picked chords that show where to put the capo and your fingers. The 96 pages are packed with photos, tips, tricks, capo strategy and advice, and are a veritable "Rosetta Stone" for this kind of capo. Even if youhave had one for years you will be amaed at all the new things you can do with it. Designed for owners of the Shubb c7b or Kyser Shortcut Esus capos (also works with the Third Hand and SpiderCapo universal partial capos, with a few exceptions)

Capo Voodoo, Cut Capo Chord Book Capo Voodoo, Cut Capo Chord BookCapo Voodoo: Book 3

Book 2 similarly blows the door off the hidden secrets of how to use a shortened 4 or 5-string partial capo. There are 33 ways (most people think there are 1 or 2!) here to use a "sawed-off" partial capo, with over 900 chords and a lot of advice & strategic suggestions. Specially designed for owners of the Planet Waves Trio capo and the Planet Waves Dual-Action, but it also applies to the Shubb c8b or Kyser Dropped D partial capos (also works with the Third Hand and SpiderCapo universal partial capos)

Book 3 reveals 33 ways to use the mysterious but useful Woodie's G-Band capos, that capo just 1 or 2 outer strings.

Harvey Reid Releases Two Capo Voodoo CD's

Partial capo pioneeer Harvey Reid has released 2 compilation CD's titled Capo Voodoo:Solo Guitar and Capo Voodoo:Songs.

Capo Voodoo CD cover BUY NOWCapo Voodoo CD cover BUY NOW

These CD's chronicle some of Reid's best recorded material spanning over 30 years from 1981 to 2011. About a dozen different steel-string acoustic guitars were used and close to 20 partial capo configurations are illustrated. Mostly 6-string acoustic guitar, with some 12-string, resonator slide guitars and even a 6-string banjo. Some of the tracks were newly recorded, some are unreleased cuts from the padt, and the rest are re-mixed and re-mastered from many of Reid's earlier CD's and LP's on Woodpecker Records. Both CD's are available as physical CD's as well as downloads on iTunes and other digital services.

SpiderCapo Unveils 2 New Models

The SpiderCapo universal partial capo now comes in two new models: the Mini and the XXL. The Mini is intended for use on mandolins, banjos, and ukeleles, and it has a shorter shaft. All 3 models of SpiderCapo use interchangeable "fingers" so it is easy to add and subtract them if you need to accomodate more or less strings.

Spider Capo Mini BUY NOW

The XXL is longer, and will fit classical guitars, wide-neck 6-strings, as well as 7 & 8-string guitars up to 7mm wide.

Spider Capo XXLBUY NOW

Kyser Introduces Cool New Colors

The Kyser company has always led the way in cpo fashion, and their full capos have come in all sorts of cool colors, including pink and camouflage... Now their Short Cut Capo (previously available in Black, Gold and SIlver) now has had a limited run of red, white and blu (which you can buy from us and very few others...)

Kyser short cut capos in different colorsBUY NOW