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Finally there are instruction manuals for partial capos that really show what is going on, and how you get the new music. Since 1980, the only place you could learn any secrets of how to use partial capos was the instruction sheet inside the Third Hand Capo, and that just showed a small part of what could be done. Now partial capo visionary Harvey Reid has blown the door off this mysterious world of hidden knowledge and lays it out for all to see with his Capo Voodoo book series. (5 volumes are now available, showing how to use all the common kinds of capos...)

GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE said: "Want to instantly view your guitar in a fresh and exciting way?...Reid cuts to the chase, with useable, musical chords and sage advice."

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If you aren't astounded by what is in these books, your money will be cheerfully refunded. This information cannot be found anywhere else on earth. It's remarkable how many kinds of partial capos there are, how much they can do, and how litte is known about this "hidden world." These books are the best source of information ever assembled on the subject. ( )

Capo Voodoo: Book 1 shows in depth how to use a 3-string, E-suspended capo, which is the most common type of partial capo. (The Shubb c7b capo currently comes with no instructions, and the Kyser Short Cut capo shows a few chords only and barely hints at what can be done with it.) This 98-page book is packed with over 1200 guitar chords, hand-picked by partial capo pioneer Harvey Reid (and inventor of the 3-string capo) and provides the information that has been needed for so long. Included here are a mind-bending 24 ways to place 1 or 2 of these capos, with pages of carefully-selected chords for each one that show players of any level how to find the new sounds that are hiding in every guitar. BUY NOW

This book is specially intended to be used with the Shubb c7b or Kyser Short Cut (Shortcut) Esus 3-string capos, the Kyser K-Lever Blue and White partial capos, but it is also compatible with the Third Hand and Spider brand universal partial capos. All of them are shown and explained here in the book.

Capo Voodoo: Book 2 shows how to use a 4 or 5-string, shortened capo, which is the easiest to understand of the partial capos, and the first to emerge. This newly-expanded book has over 1600 guitar chords, also with clear and careful discussions of theory & strategy. Included here are an amazing 47 ways to place this kind of capo. It shows players of any level how to find the new music that are hiding in every guitar. BUY NOW

This book is perfecty suited to the Planet Waves Trio capo, though you can probably do everything in it with a Planet Waves "Dual-Action" capo also. It's also a manual for the Shubb c8b or Kyser Dropped-D (5-string) capos, the Kyser K-Lever Green as well as with the Third Hand and Spider brand universal partial capos. All of them are shown and explained in the book, and thousands of people have had these capos for years without having any idea that they could do so much.

Capo Voodoo: Book 3 shows how to use a 1 or 2-string Woodie's G-Band capo, one of the lesser-known of the partial capos. This 94-page book has over 1150 guitar chords, also with clear and careful discussions of theory & strategy. Included here are an amazing 33 ways to place the 2 kinds of WOodie's capos. It shows players of any level how to find the new music that is hiding in every guitar. BUY NOW

Though you can theoretically do everything in it with a Third Hand and Spider brand universal partial capo, you'll not be able to finger all the chords because the universal capo blocks access to the fingerboard. The G-Band capos are ingenious becuse they are almost invisible and do not get in your way nearly as much as other partial capos.

Capo Voodoo books should be a revelation not only to skilled guitarists, but also to singers, songwriters and even beginners, since it simply shows where to put the capo and where to put your fingers. If you are just trying out the idea or if you have been using a partial capo for years, you will be astounded by how many new ideas are included here. You'll be scratching your head and smiling as you learn about this mysterious world of hidden music.

Each capo configuration is carefully explained, with advice, tips & tricks and each chord diagram has a wealth of information with the inversion and voicings spelled out for every chord. Here are 4 examples of chords from the first book:

sample chords

This means that all 1200 chords tell you exactly what letter names make up the chord and where they lie on the fingerboard, which is incredibly valuable information, and quite a music theory lesson. (No other guitar chord book that gives this information along with the chords.) In these examples, you can see where the 3rds, 5ths, 7ths and other notes lie on the fingerboard by looking at the numbers below the chord. You can also see all the note names.

On a standard-tuned guitar there are about 8 ways to play an E chord, depending on your left-hand skills. This book contains 55 different voicings of an E chord, including 48 you have never heard before if you have only played in standard tuning. Amazingly, 70% chords in these books are unique voicings that occur only once, and few of them are playable in standard tuning at all. There are 20 different E chords on the first page of Book 1, for example...

[So be sort of glad that air travel and touring have gotten difficult and that people expect free music now-- and that partial capo wizard Harvey Reid is now a family man-- since he is now hoping to feed his young family by finally sharing this astounding partial capo knowledge.]

Free 3-page sample PDF of "Capo Voodoo: Book 1 "The Cut Capo Chord Book." (This is pages 20-22 of the book, in a 180 dpi- slightly lower res version that you can still zoom in on and really see... the sample is about 800k in size